Avril Lavigne Releases Wild Hello Kitty Music Video

Posted on April 22, 2014

Cover art of Avril Lavigne's Hello Kitty song

Avril Lavigne has released the music video for her single, "Hello Kitty." The song is from her current self-titled album. Avril wears a cupcake skirt in the music video, which is also available here on Avril's website. She dances inside a candy shop that contains giant plush cupcakes. She also stops at a sushi restaurant and is very eager to eat the sushi. The music video has Japanese themes, but we didn't spot any of of Sanrio's Hello Kitty merchandise in the video.

Billboard calls the music video an "embarrassment in any language." They are right. This may be Avril's very worst song and music video. Avril sings in the song, "Someone chuck a cupcake at me." We'd oblige, but that would be a waste of precious cupcakes. Take a look:

Image: Epic Records