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Vans Monster Toddler Shoes: Asher V
This cute black and red shoes from Vans have a dinosaur or dragon-like details. (2018-10-06)

Teddy Bear Newborn Gift Set
This adorable gift set for newborns from Dior features a hooded bath towel and baby booties. (2018-09-28)

Kanye West's Infant and Toddler Yeezy Shoes Quickly Sell Out
Kanye West's little Yeezy shoes for infants and toddlers quickly sold out. They are now on eBay. (2016-09-04)

Rosie Pope Launches Baby Shoe and Baby Hosiery Collection
Rosie Pope has launched a new baby shoe and baby hosiery collection. It launched in March. (2016-04-07)

April Fool's Day: BMW Launches xDrive Baby Boots
BMW has introduced xDrive Baby Boots for April 1st, 2016. The boots enable perfect weight distribution for the baby. (2016-04-01)

Alex Critter Slip on Baby Shoes
Walmart has some cute little slippers for baby boys and girls called Alex Critter Slip on Shoes. (2012-10-13)

Disney and Adidas Partner for Winnie the Pooh Crib Shoes
Disney and Adidas have partnered for these cute baby shoes featuring Winnie the Pooh characters. (2011-08-01)

Baby Genius Shoes in the Works
Baby Genius, which began as an edutainment brand of CDs and DVDs for infants and toddlers, is exapnding into shoes. (2010-09-05)

Baby Mouse Booties by Marc Jacobs
The cute little baby booties designd by Marc Jacobs resemble a mouse. (2010-07-25)

Robeez Fall 2010 Shoes Include Bunny Boots and Lamb Shoes
The fall collection of baby shoes from Robeez has been unveiled. (2010-05-04)

  • Heelarious: Soft High Heel Shoes For Babies
    Heelarious makes soft crib shoes for babies that retail for $35. (2008-09-16)

  • Blinged Out Baby Booties from Dior
    Now this is what we call some blinged out baby booties: the new Baby Dior Le Trousseau Bow Shoes are made of cotton, have a terrycloth lining and have the word "Dior" spelled out in rhinestones on the toes. (2006-05-16)