Bald Humboldt Penguin Given Special Wetsuit

Posted on August 18, 2009

A Humboldt penguin at the Marwell Wildlife Park in England lost all his feathers in a single day. The penguin named Ralph has been fitted with a specialy designed wetsuit to protect his skin from sunburn. The penguin will wear the wetsuit until his feathers grow back. The Marwell Wildlife Park says the other penguins were curious but accepted Ralph despite his strange outfit. We are glad the little fella did not become a social outcast because of his special suit.

David Schofield, Head Keeper for the penguins said: "At first the other penguins were curious but it wasn't long before they recognised and accepted Ralph again. He doesn't seem to mind the wetsuit and is able to swim and move around normally. It was quite easy to fit and we were able to customise it by creating the extra openings for his flippers once he was in it."