Barbie Dreamhorse Neighs, Walks and Dances

Posted on February 24, 2017

Barbie Dreamhorse 2017

Mattel has an electronic horse for Barbie coming out this fall called Barbie Dreamhorse. The toy horse was unveiled at this year's Toy Fair in New York City. The white horse makes realistic noises and movements.

Barbie can ride the Dreamhorse by sitting in the saddle. Dreamhorse has a gorgeous mane that can be brushed. She neighs and shakes her head. She also trots, turns and responds to sound. The horse also responds to touch. Pressing the smiley face button puts Dreamhorse into dance mode. She also likes eating carrots.

Barbie Dreamhorse eating carrots

The Dreamhorse will gallop into stores this fall. It will retail for $100.

Mattel is definitely getting very interactive with Barbie this year based on this toy horse and the Hello Barbie Hologram. Take a look:

Photos: Mattel