Barbie's Life-Size Malibu Dream House Decorated by Jonathan Adler

Posted on March 10, 2009

Interior of Life-Size Barbie Malibu Dream House

A life-size interpretation of Barbie's Malibu Dream House has been unveiled in Malibu, California. The house was decorated by interior designer Jonathan Adler. The home's customized design elements include skirted, corseted, lace-up "dress" chairs, a chandelier made of Barbie hair, a closet filled with thousands of pink shoes, a sunburst mirror made from 65 Barbie dolls, several pieces from the Barbie Loves Jonathan Adler home decor collection and a garage that includes a real Barbie Volkswagen New Beetle car. The house also features a Barbie Museum which houses dozens of dolls and art from Mattel's archives, including a rare #1 (1959) Barbie doll, several dolls from throughout the decades and art pieces such as Barbie paintings by Andy Warhol and Donald Baechlor.

Adler says in a statement, "Of all my work, bringing to life Barbie's famous Malibu Dream House has been one of the most fun design projects yet. Barbie was a dream client because she doesn't have a husband to rein in the fantasy or tone down the glamour."

Living room in the Barbie Malibu Dream House

This is Barbie's very pink bedroom inside the Barbie house. There is a lamp made with Barbie's silhouette. On the bed are pillows decorated with the words like chic, fantasy, fun and sassy.

Barbie Malibu Dream House Bedroom

Pillows in the Barbie Malibu Dream House Bedroom

Of course, Heidi Klum quickly found the display of Louboutin Barbie shoes. She looks very happy. It looks like she may try and take a pair of Barbie shoes home. There are reportedly thousands of shoes in that closet so they won't miss a couple if Heidi takes them.

Heidi Klum checks out shoes in Barbie Malibu Dream House

Some of the most unique and coolest items in the house are the Barbie Dress Chairs and the chandelier made of Barbie hair. The lace-up dress chairs are covered with different Barbie logos and looks.

Barbie Dress Chair

Barbie Hair Chandelier

Photos courtesy Mattel