Behind the Scenes Video: Selena Gomez Rehearses for the Teen Choice Awards, Prays With Justin Beiber

Posted on August 12, 2011

Selena Gomez posted a new vlog entry in her series which takes fans behind the scenes of her tour. This clip begins in New York City, where Selena gets a few minutes off to walk through Time Square and eat some ice cream. Then she's off to the airport to board a private plane to go to the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles, where she performed live.

Selena shows us some behind the scenes rehearsal footage where she sings, dances and does a funny bit where she complains that they only feed her healthy food like apples, when all she really wants is junk food. She also dons her costume and does vocal exercises and hugs Taylor Swift.

Just before the show Selena, her dancers and boyfriend Justin Bieber do a prayer circle. Justin has been influencing her: at the end they all yell "Swag!!" She really is just too adorable. Take a look: