Bella Thorne Talks First Major Film Role in Blended

Posted on May 24, 2014

Still from Bella Thorne's Call It Whatever

Bella Thorne stopped by Good Morning America to talk about her first major film role in Blended, which is now in theaters. She stars alongside Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Bella is best known for her role as CeCe Jones in Disney's Shake It Up . She is now trying to breakout into movies and music. Bella has five million Twitter followers to help her boost her transition from the Disney channel. She covers the latest issue of Seventeen.

Bella has a terrible haircut in the film and wears tracksuits. Bella's character's mother passed away and her father, played by Adam Sandler, treats her more like a son. Bella says Drew calls her "pickle." Bella also has a music video coming out soon for her debut single, "Call It Whatever." She has been sharing stills from the video on her Instagram account, @bellathorne. Take a look:

Photo: Bella Thorne/Hollywood Records