Ben Affleck Testifies Before Congress About East Congo

Posted on December 19, 2012

Actor and director Ben Affleck testified before Congress about U.S. and United Nations policy in war torn Eastern Congo. Ben is getting ready for his tenth visit to Congo; he is the founder of the Eastern Congo Initiative. Ben is urging Congress to revisit the U.N.'s mandate on Congo. The United Nations security council unanimously condemned the seizure of the city of Goma by M23. Essentially another war just broke out, but UN peacekeepers did not intervene, because the U.S. remained silent on the issue. Many accuse Congo's neighbor Rwanda of orchestrating the violence in order to steal the mineral wealth of Eastern Congo. Rwanda has violated the weapons embargo, and continues to supply M23 with arms. Diamonds, gold and coltan (essential for making cell phones) are all found in the area: that is the real prize. Ben is urging the U.S. to use its influence in Rwanda to convince the Rwandandans to stop arming M23. Take a look: