Best Buy Mistakenly Lists $1700 HDTV For $10

Posted on August 12, 2009

Best Buy 9.99 TVABC News reports that Best Buy incorrectly listed a 52-inch Samsung HDTV for $10 this morning. Several people manage dto purchase the tv before Best Buy corrected the price.
Early this morning, Best Buy's Web site listed a Samsung 52-inch, flat-screen TV for just under $10, with a $70 flat shipping cost, a pricing change picked up by many savvy online shoppers and bloggers.

According to blog accounts, many customers quickly took up on the deal, some ordering as many as 10 TVs.

While some customers were able to complete an order, others received messages that the site's delivery system was temporarily unavailable.
The price has since changed to $1,699.99 but a blogger at managed to order one of the $9.99 tvs and posted a print-out of his receipt on his blog. The delivery price was $70 but it is obviously still a great deal if Best Buy actually ships it.

Update 8-13-09: Best Buy won't honor the cheap tv deal.
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