Beyonce's Sping 2009 House of Dereon Photo Shoot

Posted on January 24, 2009

Beyonce wears some dresses from the House of Dereon's Spring 2009 collection in the video below. The photo shoot took place in Bermuda. One part of the photo shoot took place inside Bermuda's gorgeous Crystal Caves.

Tina Knowles and daughter Beyonce and Solange are behind the House of Dereon, which was named in honor of Tina's late mother, Agnez Dereon. The line made its debut in 2005.

Beyonce says Bermuda is one of the most exotic places she has ever traveled to. She says, "The clear ocean, the pink sand, the rocks, the cloud and the wind - it made my dress create shapes like art.

She says they were fighting time in the shoot because a storm was on the way.

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