Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Wear Burberry to Turbo Premiere

Posted on July 10, 2013

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds both wore Burberry to the premiere of the animated film Turbo. You can view a photo of Blake in her Burberry top and embellished pencil skirt here.

Reynolds was asked if his outfit was Blake approved. Reynolds said, "I think this is generally approved. I mean you can't really go wrong with Burbery."

Ryan Reynolds plays a snail with dreams of racing in the Indy 500 in the film. Turbo the snail gets the power of speed after a freak accident. Reynolds says if he could have a super power it would be flying or baking. Reynolds says, "Baking is a super power. I'd like to bake something one day that doesn't turn out looking like a smoking turd." Take a look: