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Here are the latest posts about Amazon on Shoppers Shop:

  • Amazon 2018 Black Friday Deals Highlights
    Amazon has revealed it will run a seven day long Black Friday event this year. Here are some highlights of the deals. (2018-11-15)

  • Amazon to Sell Latest iPhone, iPads and Apple Watches
    Amazon will soon be selling the latest iPhone, iPads and Apple Watches after cutting a deal with Apple (2018-11-09)

  • Oprah Announces Favorite Things for 2018
    Oprah has announced her Favorite Things for 2018. The products are sold through (2018-11-07)

  • Amazon Offers Free Shipping, No Minimum, to All Shoppers for 2018 Holidays
    Amazon is expanding its free shipping offers to everyone on millions of items. It has also removed the minimum $25 requirement. (2018-11-05)

  • Amazon Reveals 2018 Top 100 Toys
    Amazon has launched its holiday toy list and top 100 toys for 2018. (2018-10-31)

  • New Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite Unveiled
    Amazon has unveiled a new Kindle Paperwhite for late 2018. (2018-10-30)

    Amazon Launches Smart Plug
    Amazon has launched its own smart plug to compete with the growing number of smart plugs already on the market. (2018-10-20)

    Amazon Introduces Echo Auto
    Amazon has unveiled Echo Auto, the first Echo device for your car. (2018-10-16)

  • Amazon Launches Shark Tank Store
    Amazon has launched an online store for Shark Tank products. The products are featured on Amazon Launchpad. (2018-10-15)

  • Amazon Unveils 2018 Prime Day Deals Preview
    Amazon has unveiled a preview of its 2018 Prime Day deals. The sale officially begins at 3 pm ET today, 7-16-18 (2018-07-16)

  • Amazon Reveals Whole Foods Prime Day Deals
    Amazon has revealed its Whole Foods Market Prime Day deals. Amazon Prime Day will begin on July 16. (2018-07-10)

  • Amazon Launches Campagne Gold Kindle Oasis E-Reader
    Amazon has launched a champagne gold version of its Kindle Oasis E-Reader. (2018-03-19)

  • Amazon Launches Amazon Plants Store
    Amazon has launched its Amazon Plants store. The store features thousands of live plants. (2018-02-21)

  • Alexa Loses Her Voice in Amazon's Funny Super Bowl Ad
    Alexa has lost her voice in Amazon's funny Super Bowl commercial. Amazon turns to celebrities for alternative voices. (2018-02-04)

  • Travelambo Minimalist RFID Blocking Wallet for Less Bulky Pockets
    Travelambo's minimalist wallet won't add too much bulk to your pocket. It is one of the most popular wallets on Amazon. (2018-01-28)

  • Baebody Eye Gel Sales Spike From Positive Customer Reviews
    Sales of Baebody Eye Gel has exploded on Amazon thanks to positive customer reviews and media articles. (2018-01-14)

  • Amazon to Launch Second Annual Digital Day Sale
    Amazon will run its second annual Digital Day sale tomorrow, December 29. (2017-12-28)

  • Amazon Launches 2017 Cyber Monday Deals Week Sales Event
    Amazon has launched its 2017 Cyber Monday Deals Week sale. The sale closes out the Turkey Five shopping period which ends Monday. (2017-11-25)

  • Amazon's 2017 Black Friday Device Deals are Underway
    Amazon has launched its 2017 Black Friday Device Deals. Several of the expected discounts on Amazon devices are live. (2017-11-19)

  • Amazon Shares 2017 Black Friday Deals Sneak Peek
    Amazon has shared a sneak peek at its 2017 Black Friday deals. It includes deals on electronics, toys, Amazon devices and more. (2017-11-14)