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CIT Group Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
As expected, lender CIT Group filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today. (2009-11-01)

CIT Group Makes Peace With Carl Icahn
Embattled lender CIT Group has finally made peace with billionaire Carl Icahn, who is the company's biggest bondholder. (2009-10-30)

Carl Icahn Calls CIT Group Board Incompetent, Offers $6 Billion Loan
Billionaire financier and shareholders' rights activist Carl Icahn has offered troubled commercial lender CIT Group a way out of its difficulties. (2009-10-20)

CIT Group Barely Meets Deadline After Last Minute Bondholder Negotiations
There was major last minute bondholder drama at CIT Group, as the troubled commercial lender agreed to amend a sweeping agreement for a prepackaged bankruptcy plan that would keep CIT -- and the retailers that depend on it -- from financial disaster. (2009-10-18)

CIT Group CEO Gets the Axe
CIT Group CEO Jeffrey Peek will be resigning from the company by the end of the year as the company teeters on the brink of bankruptcy. (2009-10-13)

CIT Group Facing Bankruptcy Once Again
It's like the end of a horror movie: just when you think all the bad stuff is over, something terrible happens. (2009-10-04)

CIT Group's Financial Woes Affecting Many Businesses
Bloomberg reports on the many types of businesses that are being affected by CIT Group's financial woes. (2009-07-22)

Report: CIT Group Cuts Deal With Bondholders, Staves Off Bankruptcy
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that CIT Group has cut a last minute deal with key bondholders for $3 billion in financing. (2009-07-19)

CIT Group Insolvency Could Wreak Havic on Fashion, Retail Industries
The fashion industry is extremely worried that one of the main sources for financing for thousands of small to medium sized vendors and stores is about to go bankrupt. (2009-07-16)