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Here are the latest posts about Crayola on Shoppers Shop:

  • Crayola Announces New Blue Crayon Inspired by YInMn Blue
    Crayola will be announces a new blue crayon color inspired by YlnMn Blue, a pigment discovered by Oregon State University researchers. (2017-05-31)

  • Crayola to Reveal New Shade of Blue After Retiring Dandelion Crayons
    Crayola will reveal a new blue crayon in May after retiring Dandelion from its classic box of 24 crayons. (2017-04-19)

    Crayola Launches Coloring Book Line for Teens and Tweens
    Crayola has launched a new coloring book line called Art With Edge trageted at tweens and teens. (2016-09-26)

    Crayola Imaginables Turns Children's Art Into Plush Toys
    Crayola has launched a new service that turns children's drawings into plush toys. It is called Crayola Imaginables. (2016-05-20)

    Sunstar Americas Launches GUM Crayola Squeeze-A-Color Toothpaste
    Sunstar Americas has launched a toothpaste the resembles Crayola crayons. IT is called GUM Crayola Squeeze-A-Color Toothpaste. (2013-11-21)

    Crayola to Launch Create 2 Destroy Line in August
    Crayola has a new toy line coming in August called Create 2 Destroy that utilizes its Morphix dough. The toys involving building structures and then destorying them with catapults. (2013-04-25)

    Crayola Launches Washable Sidewalk Chalk
    Crayola has launched new sidewalk chalk. (2013-04-06)

    Crayola Launches Washable Colored Bubbles
    Crayola launched a washable colored bubbles product at this year's Toy Fair. (2011-02-21)

    Crayola to Create Arts and Crafts Products for Marvel's Superheroes
    Playthings reports that Crayola has cut a licensing deal with Marvel to create arts and crafts products for kids using Marvel superheroes. (2009-10-02)

    Olympic Medalist Dan O'Brien Sets Hopscotch Record
    Olympic gold medal decathlete Dan O'Brien has been spreading the word about the Crayola Outdoor Challenge. (2009-05-09)