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  • General Mills Launches Hot Cocoa Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms Cinnamon Vanilla Cereals
    General Mills has now limited edition cereals out for fall 2017. They are Hot Cocoa Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms Cinnamon Vanilla. (2017-10-24)

  • General Mills to Launch Girl Scouts Caramel Crunch and Thin Mints Cereals
    General Mills has announced plans to launch Girl Scouts cereal. It will arrive in stores early next year. (2016-10-28)

    General Mills Launches Tiny Toast Cereal
    General Mills has launched Tiny Toast cereal. It is available in two flavors: Blueberry and Strawberry. (2016-06-19)

    General Mills Introduces Real Trix Rabbit Named Cinnabun
    General Mills has introduced a real Trix rabbit. The rabbit's name is Cinnabun. (2016-01-28)

    General Mills Creates Ten Boxes of Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms
    General Mills has created Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms but they only have ten boxes available. (2015-10-15)

    General Mills Puts Justice League Comics in Cereal Boxes
    General Mills has partnered with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment to put comic books in cereal boxes. (2014-03-09)

    General Mills Brings Back Big G Monsters Cereals for Halloween
    General Mills is bringing back its Big G Monsters cereals for Halloween (2013-08-20)

    Chex Announces Launch of Gluten-Free Vanilla Chex
    General Mills' Chex cereal brand has launched gluten-free Vanilla Chex. The cereal costs $3.99 a box. (2013-07-18)

    The Band Perry Featured on Wheaties Box in Outnumber Hunger Campaign
    The Band Perry are featured on a Wheaties box in a new Outnumber Hunger campaign from General Mills, Big Machine Label Group and Feeding America. (2013-03-08)

  • General Mills Pulls Yoplait Ad After Complaints it Promotes Eating Disorders
    Yoplait pulled this ad after receiving many complaints that it promotes eating disorders. (2011-06-15)

  • FDA Wants Cheerios to Make Changes
    CBS News reports the FDA sent General Mills a letter saying that Cheerios' cliams that it can lower cholesterol within a certain amount of time makes Cheerios a drug under the FDA's definition. (2009-05-12)

    General Mills Launches Cereal T-Shirts
    General Mills has launched a line of cereal t-shirts. (2009-03-18)