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Here are the latest posts about Hallmark on Shoppers Shop:

  • Hallmark Superman Shirt Father's Day Card
    Hallmark has a Superman Shirt Father's Day gretting card out. (2017-06-14)

  • Hallmark and Funny or Die Launch Shoebox Greeting Card Collection
    Hallmark has collaborated with Funny or Die on a line of Shobox greeting cards. (2017-05-11)

    Cute Star Wars Tins from Hallmark Called Cubeez
    Hallmark has a line of cute Star Wars tins called Cubeez. They are 3-inch metal tin cubes. (2016-06-26)

    Hallmark Interactive Stuffed Bunny is All About the Eggs
    Hallmark has launched the Eggs Bunny Techno Plush Easter toy for Easter 2016. It sings and dances to a parody of All About That Bass (2016-03-05)

    Hallmark Launches Home Decor Line Called Halmark Home
    Hallmark has launched a home decor line called Hallmark Home. It debuted at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market. (2016-02-21)

    Hallmark Launches The Walking Dead Valentine's Day eCards
    Hallmark has launched a line of The Walk Deed ecards for Valentine's Day 2016. The humorous cards are a partnership with AMC. (2016-02-11)

    Hallmark Signature Partners With Designers and Design Studios for New Card Collections
    Hallmark Signature has partnered with designers for new card collections. The cards are handcrafted and feature top paper stocks. (2016-02-03)

    Hallmark Launches Holiday Themed Star Wars Itty Bittys
    Hallmark has launched four Stars Wars Itty bittys. They are donating $1 from each purchase to Toys for Toys this holiday season. (2015-11-13)

    Hallmark Launches Star Wars Itty Bittys
    Hallmark has launched a line of Star Wars Itty Bittys. The little plush toys resemble Star Wars characters. (2015-03-30)

    Hallmark Launches Song Mimi Stuffed Animal
    Hallmark has launched its Song Mimi stuffed animal. Mimi is a plush mouse. It can sing seven different songs. (2015-03-22)

    Hallmark Launches Hug-Lovin' Hippo
    Hallmark has launched Hug-Lovin' Hippo for Valentine's Day 2015 (2015-02-07)

    Hallmark's Dancing Halloween Toe-Tappin' Treat Bag
    Hallmark has a dancing treat bag out for Halloween called Tricks the Toe-Tappin' Treat Bag (2014-10-11)

    Hallmark is Relaunching Its Shoebox Card Line
    Hallmark is relaunching its humorous Shoebox line of greeitng cards. The entire collection has been updated. (2014-08-10)

    Hallmark Launches Itty Bittys Happy Hearts Mickey and Minnie for Valentine's Day
    Hallmark has launched Valentine's Day versions of its Itty Bittys Mickey and Minnie plush dolls for 2014. (2014-02-07)

    Sarah Jessica Parker's Valentine's Day Cards From Hallmark
    Sarah Jessica Parker recently partnered with Hallmark. Her new greeting card collection includes 12 Valentine's Day cards. (2014-02-07)

    Hallmark Launches Sarah Jessica Parker Collection
    Hallmark has launched the Sarah Jessica Parker Collection. The collection includes greeting cards, stationery and gift wrap. (2014-01-21)

    Hallmark Launches Haunted House Shadowcaster for Halloween
    Hallmark has launched the Haunted House Shadowcaster, which projects a spooky scene behind it when a button is pressed. (2013-10-18)

    Hallmark Partners With Marvel for Guardians of the Galaxy Collection
    Hallmark has partnered with Marvel for a Guardians of the Galaxy collection. The collection will include stationery and social expressions products. (2013-10-10)

    Disney, Hallmark and Marvel Launch Dream Party Product Collection
    Disney, Hallmark and Marvel have launched the Dream Party Product Collection for themed parties. (2013-08-19)

    Hallmark Launches Keith Urban Sound Cards
    Hallmark has partnered with country star Keith Urban for a line of sound cards. (2013-07-21)