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Here are the latest posts about Havaianas on Shoppers Shop:

  • Havaianas Top Secret Sandals Have a Hidden Print
    The Havaianas Top Secret Sandals are made to reveal a hidden design in sun or UV light. (2017-06-26)

  • Havaianas Launches Mood Sandals With Emojis
    Havaianas has launched two types of Mood sandals that feature emojis. (2017-06-19)

  • Havaianas Launches Rain Boots Collection
    Havaianas has launched a new rain boots collection. The boots are rubber with a cotton lining. (2016-09-02)

    Havaianas Launches Limited Edition USA Flip Flops
    Havaianas has launched a limited edition collection of USA flip flops. (2016-06-11)

    Jamie Chung Stars in Havaianas Summer 2015 Campaign
    Jamie Chung is modeling Havaianas in a Summer 2015 campaign. She stars in the brand's special Summer Look Book. (2015-06-27)

    Havaianas Launches Minions Flip Flops
    Havaianas has launched a line of Minions flip flops. They come in several different styles. (2015-03-26)

    Havaianas Launches Disney Arts Collection
    Havaianas has announced the launch of its Disney Arts collection. The collection includes Donald Duck, Bambi and Cheshire Cat. (2013-07-20)

    Havaianas Launches 50th Anniversary Sandals
    Havaianas has launched some blue and white sandals to celebrate its 50th anniversary. (2013-07-14)

    Havaianas Launches Pac-Man Sandals
    Havaianas has launched Pac-Man sandals. The sandals feature the classic game board with Pac-Man and the ghosts. (2013-05-26)

    Missoni and Havaianas Collaborate on 2012 Summer Capsule Collection
    Missoni and Havaianas have collaborated on a capsule collection for Summer 2012. (2012-05-30)

    Havaianas Partners With Baby Buggy and Celebrity Moms for Sandals Collection
    Havaianas partnered with Baby Buggy and celebrity moms Courteney Cox, Nina Garcia, Rebecca Romijn, and Tori Spelling, to launch a Baby Buggy collection. (2012-05-20)

    Missoni Loves Havaianas Launch Party
    Missoni and Havaianas collaborated for a limited edition sandals and espadrilles collection. (2011-04-30)

    Missoni Partners With Havaianas for Sandals Line
    Italian fashion house Missoni has partnered with Havaianas for a line of brightly colored sandals featuring Missoni style zigzags. (2011-04-23)

    Havaianas Launches Printed Rain Boots at Selfridges
    Havaianas, known for its colorful sandals, has launched a line of printed rain boots. (2011-04-22)

    Gap Stores Start Carrying Havaianas
    The Gap has partnered with Brazilian sandal maker Havaianas and transformed its rotating New York City concept store into an Urban Beach Flip-Flip Shop. (2009-04-30)