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Here are the latest posts about IKEA on Shoppers Shop:

  • IKEA Santa Claus Wears Tall Conical Hat
    This IKEA Santa Claus decoration wears a tall conical red hat. (2017-10-26)

  • MAC Cosmetics Used for Sofia Boutella's Look in The Mummy
    Lizzie Yianni Georgiou used MAC cosmetics to help create Sofia Boutella's look for The Mummy. (2017-06-28)

  • IKEA Blanda Blank Bowl Can Start a Fire
    The IKEA Blanda Blank is a stainless steel bowl that can be used to start a fire. (2017-06-27)

  • IKEA Tvars Table Lamp
    IKEA has created a low-cost lamp that looks like a spaceship. It is called Tvars. (2017-04-26)

  • IKEA Launches a Bike Called the Slaada
    IKEA has introduced a bike to its product offerings. The flat-pack bike is called the Slaada. (2016-04-18)

    Ryan Reynolds Attempts to Build an IKEA Crib
    Actor Ryan Reynolds tries to build an IKEA crib in this video from GQ (2015-10-15)

    IKEA Announces Home Smart Collection of Wireless Charging Furniture
    IKEA has announced its Home Smart collection. The furniture contains embedded wireless chargers. (2015-03-08)

    April Fool's: IKEA Launches Flat-Pack Grassax Lawnmower
    IKEA has announced the launch of its Grassax lawnmower, which comes packed in a flat box. It is an April Fool's Day joke. (2013-04-01)

  • Coat Wearing Monkey Shocks IKEA Shoppers
    Shoppers at the IKEA store in Toronto were shocked to see a coat wearing monkey in the store. (2012-12-11)

  • IKEA's Soft Toys are 50% Off for Black Friday Weekend
    IKEA's soft toys are 50% off for the Black Friday weekend. (2012-11-20)

    IKEA Montreal Will Be Largest IKEA Store in North America
    IKEA announced today that it has begun construction on a Montreal location that will become its largest store in North America. (2012-05-08)

    IKEA Releases Black Friday Deals
    IKEA has released an online flyer with its Black Friday deals. (2011-11-22)

  • IKEA Hundstol is a Dog Highchair
    Another item launching around April 1st is the IKEA Hundstol. This is a stool made especially for dogs with two inset bowls. (2011-04-01)

  • IKEA US Gives All Its Employees Bikes
    IKEA US gave all of its 12,400 employees a new bike for the holidays. (2010-12-07)

    IKEA Offers Breakfast With Its Black Friday Deals
    There are a few retailers that offer breakfast to early shoppers on Black Friday. (2009-11-19)

  • Fired Merrill Lynch CEO: I Should Have Gone to Ikea
    Former Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain was fired from his job after the company was bought by Bank of America. (2009-09-20)

  • Ikea's Font Switch to Verdana Enrages Some
    Time reports that Ikea's recent switch from a customized Futura font to Verdana has enraged some Ikea fans. (2009-08-30)

  • Ikea to Launch New Car on April 1st?
    Ikea has a website for the Leko, a new environmentally friendly car. (2009-03-23)