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Intel Drones Formed American Flag and Pepsi Logo at Super Bowl LI
Intel's drones were used to form an American flag and a Pepsi logo at the Super Bowl LI halftime show. (2017-02-07)

Intel to Launch Intel Skull Canyon NUC mini PC in May 2016
Intel will be launching his Intel Skull Canyon NUC mini PC in May 2016. (2016-04-17)

Intel Revealed Wireless Charging Bowl at CES 2014
Intel revealed this wireless charging bowl at CES 2014. There is no release date set for the product Intel teased (2014-02-09)

Fuhu, DreamWorks and Intel to Launch Kids' Tablet in June
Fuhu, DreamWorks and Intel have partnered to develop a tablet for kids called DreamTab (2014-01-19)

Intel Corporation to Acquire Antivirus Software Firm McAfee
Intel Corporation has announced its intent to acquire McAfee, a software company focused on antivirus software. (2010-08-19)

Panasonic TV Rejects Google Full Web Access, Chooses More Restrictive Option
Panasonic has pulled out of a proposed deal with Google and Intel whereby Panasonic televisions would be able to access the Internet using Google's Android software. (2010-03-31)

Intel to Pay AMD $1.25 Billion in Lawsuit Settlement
Intel has agreed to pay AMD $1. (2009-11-12)

The New York Times in 2040
Some people visiting the New York Times homepage are seeing an ad that shows what the Times might look like in the year 2040. (2009-05-11)