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Here are the latest posts about Jelly Belly on Shoppers Shop:

  • Jelly Belly Launches Krispy Kreme Jelly Beans
    Jelly Belly and Krispy Kreme are launched jelly beans inspired by doughnut flavors. (2017-06-07)

  • Jelly Belly Sweetened Mitsubishi EV's Take Chicago
    Mitsubishi Motors teamed up with one of the Jelly Belly Candy Company for a promotion to show Chicagoans the sweeter side of sustainable transportation. (2011-05-24)

    Jelly Belly Launches Chocolate Dips and Peas & Carrots Mellocreme
    The Jelly Belly Candy Company is introducing new candy at the 2011 Winter Fancy Food Show. (2011-01-13)

    Jelly Belly Launches Cocktail Flavored Jelly Beans
    Jelly Belly has launched cocktail flavored jelly beans called Jelly Belly Cocktail Classics. (2010-05-21)

    New Jelly Belly Collection Will Fool You Into Tasting Awful Flavors
    Jelly Belly has a launched a new collection of jelly belly flavors called Beanboozled. (2009-10-19)

    Jelly Belly Sales are Sweet During Recession
    We're in a recession. (2008-06-25)