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Velveeta Enters the Frozen Food Aisle With Cheesy Bites and Stuffed Grilled Cheese
Kraft Heinz has launched its first frozen products featuring Velveeta cheese. The products are Cheesy Bites and Stuffed Grilled Cheese (2017-01-21)

  • Kraft Recalls 1.2 Million Cases of Cottage Cheese
    Kraft has recalled 1.2 million cases of cottage cheese due to improper storage. (2014-05-19)

  • Shortage of Kraft Velveeta Processed Cheese Casts Pall Over Dip Season
    Kraft admits that there is a shortage of Velveeta processed cheese, which means no Ro-Tel dip for awards season for the Super Bowl. (2014-01-07)

    Nickelodeon and KidKraft Introduce Wooden Dora the Explorer Toys and Doll Furniture
    Nickelodeon and KidKraft introduce wooden Dora the Explorer toys and doll furniture. (2013-06-20)

  • Mom Bloggers Demand Kraft Remove Food Dye From Macaroni and Cheese
    Bloggers Lisa Leake and Vani Hari are demanding that Kraft remove two artificial colorings, yellow number 5 and yellow number 6, which give the boxed mac and cheese its distinctive orange coloring. (2013-03-08)

  • Food Fight: Packaged Food Companies Want to Move to the Produce Aisle
    Makers of packaged foods, dairy products and vegetable juices are eyeing a move to the produce section of the grocery store. (2011-10-24)

  • Kraft Foods Plans to Split Into Two Companies
    Kraft Foods is planning to split itself into two publicly traded companies. (2011-08-04)

  • Sandwich Over 1.6 Miles Long Created in Dubai
    Kraft Foods broke a world record in a Dubai shopping mall by making a sandwich chain more than 2. (2010-10-08)

  • Today's Texas Stadium Implosion Brought to You By Kraft Foods
    Texas Stadium, the former home of the Dallas Cowboys, was imploded today in a controlled demolition. (2010-04-11)

  • Chocolate Wars: Kraft Buys Cadbury, Hershey's Admits Defeat
    The latest battle in the chocolate wars is over-- at least for now. (2010-01-23)

  • Nestle Buys DiGiorno, Tombstone, Takes Aim at Nutrition Drinks
    Nestle has purchased DiGiorno and Tombstone pizza brands from Kraft, which will give Kraft more cash to go after Cadbury. (2010-01-18)

  • Chocolate Wars: Warren Buffett Opposes Kraft's Proposed Cadbury Buyout
    Warren Buffett has come out opposing Kraft's hostile takeover bid of Cadbury. (2010-01-06)

  • Chocolate Wars: Callebaut Selling Consumer Division
    The chocolate world is in a bit of turmoil as global sales are falling and consolidation remakes the industry. (2009-12-09)

  • Chocolate Wars: Cadbury Warms Up to Hershey Offer
    Cadbury has sending signals that it is receptive to Hershey's offer to purchase the company. (2009-11-28)

  • Chocolate Wars: Now Nestle Wants to Bid For Cadbury
    When Hershey's threw its hat into the ring of potential purchasers for Cadbury, Cadbury share prices started rising. (2009-11-23)

  • Choclate Wars: Hershey's Trust May Make a Play to Buy Cadbury
    The charitable trust that owns Hershey Co. (2009-11-21)

  • Cadbury Still Waiting on Better Offer From Kraft Foods
    Cadbury stock prices have been dropping since U. (2009-10-29)

  • Kraft Finds Success in Russia Selling Communist Hero Cookies
    Kraft foods has found success in Russia by adapting to local tastes. (2009-10-18)