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Here are the latest posts about McDonald's on Shoppers Shop:

  • McDonald's Japan Launches Pikachu McFlurry
    McDonald's Japan has launched a new dessert called Pikachu McFlurry. The flavors are chocolate and banana. (2017-07-15)

  • McDonald's Introduces Silly Frork Utensil in YouTube Video
    McDonald's introduces a fake product called the Frork in a YouTube video. It holds three French fries. (2017-05-01)

  • Super Mario Toys in McDonald's Happy Meals
    McDonald's is including Super Mario toys in its Happy Meals. (2017-05-01)

  • McDonald's Fast Food Restaurant Opens Near the Vatican
    A McDonald's fast food restaurant has opened near the Vatican. Many cardinals have complained. (2017-01-06)

    Donald Trump Eats KFC on His Private Jet
    Donald Trump shared this photograph of his KFC meal on his Twitter account. (2016-08-02)

    McDonald's Offering Lobster Rolls in Select Northeast Locations
    McDonald's is offering lobster rolls in select Northeast locations. This is not the first time the fast food chain has offered them. (2016-06-20)

    McDonald's Gilroy Garlic Fries are a Hit in San Francisco Tests
    McDonald's has been testing its new Gilroy Garlic Fries in select McDonald's locations in San Francisco. They have been a big hit. (2016-05-10)

    April Fool's Day: McDonald's Launches MmmBox Subscription Service
    McDonalds has launched its MmmBox subscription service on April 1st. There are three types to choose from. (2016-04-01)

    McDonald's Launches Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry Down Under
    McDonald's has launched a Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry in Australia and possibly in the United Kingdom. (2016-02-29)

    McDonald's Japan Offers Chocolate Covered French Fries
    McDonald's Japan has launched a new offering: the McChoco Potato. The item is chocolate covered French Fries. (2016-01-19)

    McDonald's Recalls Hello Kitty Whistles
    McDonald's has recalled its Hello Kitty whistles due to a choking and aspiration hazard. (2014-11-11)

    Black Hamburger Battle Between McDonald's Japan and Burger King Japan
    Two fast food behemoths have engaged in a black hamburger battle in Japan. Burger King's burger uses a squid ink sauce. (2014-10-04)

    McDonald's Introduces New Happy Meal Character
    McDonald's has introduced Happy, its new Happy Meal ambassador character. (2014-05-19)

    McDonald's Unveils Ronald McDonald's New Clothes Designed by Ann Hould-Ward
    Ronald McDonald has a new outfit. He will also take an active role on McDonald's social media channels. (2014-04-23)

    McDonald's Announces Free Coffee Offer
    McDonald's has announced it will run its first Free Coffee Event. You can get a free small McCafe coffee during breakfast from March 31 through April 13. (2014-03-28)

    McDonald's to Offer Salad, Fruit or Vegetables as Substitute for Fries in Value Meals
    McDonald's announced plans to offer salad, fruit or vegetables as substitute for French fires in value meals. It will also make Happy Meal marketing healthier. (2013-09-28)

    McDonald's Testing Blitz Box in Kansas City
    McDonald's is testing the Blitz Box in Kansas City. It contins two Quarter Pounders, two fries and 20-pc Chicken McNuggets. (2013-09-11)

    McDonald's Launching Egg White Delight, a Yolk Free Egg McMuffin
    The Daily Meal reports that McDonald's is launching a new yolk-free Egg McMuffin on April 22nd. (2013-03-13)

    McDonald's China Launches Black and White Burger
    McDonald's China is launching a black and white burger combo. (2012-09-14)

    Dillard's Launches Cookbook to Benefit Ronald McDonald House
    Dillard's has launched its Southern Living Christmas Cookbook to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities. (2012-09-12)