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Here are the latest posts about Minecraft on Shoppers Shop:

Scary Minecraft Desert Creeper Beach Towel
This Minecraft themed beach towel features creepers in the desert making it a great fit for the beach. (2019-07-28)

  • Microsoft Releases 2017 Holiday Gift Guide
    Roku has announced it will offer its new Streaming Stick+ for $49.99 over the Black Friday weekend. (2017-11-13)

  • Minecraft Redstone Light-Up Torch is Mountable
    ThinkGeek has created a torch inspired by the redstone torch in Minecraft. (2017-07-18)

  • Ghast Drone Among New Minecraft Toys Unveiled at Toy Fair 2016
    Mattel unveiled a Ghast drone, playset and new 5-inch Minecraft figures at the 2016 Toy Fair. (2016-02-19)