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Here are the latest posts about Monopoly on Shoppers Shop:

Hasbro Launches Fortnite Monopoly
Hasbro and Epic Games have collaborated to launch a Fortnite version of Monopoly. (2018-10-17)

  • Monopoly Star Wars Game Now Includes Rey Token Figure
    A new version of Monopoly Star Wars is out that contains the Rey token. (2017-07-19)

  • Monopoly is Letting Players Choose New Game Tokens
    Monopoly is letting players choose new tokens for the classic version of the game. (2017-01-11)

    Hasbro Unveils Cashless Monopoly Version at 2016 Toy Fair
    Hasbro unveiled a new cashless version of Monopoly at the 2016 Toy Fair. It is called Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition. (2016-02-20)

    USAopoly Launches Walking Dead Monopoly
    USAopoly has a Walking Dead version of Monopoly out, Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition. It has six unique playing pieces. (2014-01-24)

    Power Rangers Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit Announced at 2013 Toy Fair
    Saban Brands and USAopoly have partnered to produce Power Rangers versions of Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit. (2013-02-19)

    Monopoly Fans Choose Cat Token to Replace Iron
    Monopoly fans have chosen a cat token to replace the iron token on the game Monopoly. Of course the Internet would pick the cat. (2013-02-06)

    Hasbro to Replace Existing Monopoly Token With New Token
    Hasbro is going to remove one classic token from its Monopoly board game and replace it with a new token. (2013-01-10)

    Godfather Version of Monopoly Launches
    Usaopoly, under license from Hasbro and Paramount Licensing, has launched a version of Monopoly based on The Godfather movie. (2012-06-14)

    Hasbro Combines Life, Monopoly and Battleship Games With Zapped App
    Hasbro announced it will combine three of its biggest board game brands with Apple iOS apps to enhance game play. (2012-02-11)

    Museum of American Finance Displaying Solid Gold Monopoly Set
    The Museum of American Finance has unveiled the display of an 18-karat solid gold Monopoly set covered with hundreds of precious gemstones, on loan from the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History. (2010-10-15)

    Hello Kitty Version of Monopoly Launches
    A Hello Kitty version of Monopoly has been created. The game features lots of cute Hello Kitty imagery. (2010-07-18)

    Hasbro to Launch New Monopoly With Circular Board, Computerized Bank
    Hasbro is launching a circular version of its Monopoly board game to celebrate the gamee's 75th anniversary. (2010-02-02)

    Hasbro Launches Online Monopoly Game For Google Maps
    Hasbro and Google have partnered for Monopoly City Streets, a version of Monopoly that is played using Google Maps. (2009-10-03)

    New Monopoly Game Heralds the End of Civilization As We Know It
    Who doesn't remember playing a nice game of Monopoly? Passing Go and collecting $200, zooming around the board represented by a thimble and buying up Park Place? Alas, those days might soon be just a fond memory if the new Monopoly game catches on. (2006-09-15)