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Here are the latest posts about Oreo on Shoppers Shop:

  • Oreo O's Return to Store Shelves
    Post is returning its Oreo O's cereal to store shelves after a ten year absence. (2017-06-07)

  • Jelly Donut Oreo to Launch on National Donut Day
    Nabisco will release a Jelly Donut Oreo for National Donut Day 2017 (2017-06-01)

  • New Oreo Flavor Waffles & Syrup Arrives
    Nabisco has released another new Oreo flavor. The latest limited edition flavor is Waffles & Syrup. (2017-05-13)

  • Firework Oreos Contain Popping Candy
    Firework Oreo contains popping candy. It is the latest new Oreo flavor and will be in stores for a limited time. (2017-05-09)

  • Christina Aguilera Stars in Oreo Dunk Challenge Campaign
    Christina Aguilera stars in a new Oreo campaign. The campaign also features Shaq. (2017-02-24)

    Oreo Eggs Expected in U.S. Stores Soon
    Oreo Eggs are expected to arrive in U.S. stores very soon. They are being timed to arrive for Easter. (2017-02-15)

    Nabisco Launches Swedish Fish Oreos
    Nabisco has announced plans to launch Swedish Fish Oreos. They will be sold at Kroger stores. (2016-08-10)

    Oreo to Launch Blueberry Pie and Fruity Crisp Flavors
    Oreo is planning to soon launch Blueberry Pie and Fruity Crisp llimited edition Oreo flavors for Summer 2016. (2016-05-29)

    Cinnabon Launches Mini Chillattas
    Cinnabon has launched its Mini Chillattas beverages. They have also added an Oreo Strawberry flavor. (2016-05-17)

    Krispy Kreme Unveils Three Cookie-Themed Doughnuts
    Krispy Kreme has unveiled three new cookie-themed doughnuts. They also announced the Oreo Chiller. (2016-04-09)

    Nabisco to Launch Strawberry Shortcake Oreo Flavor
    There is another limited edition Oreo flavor on the way. It is called Strawberry Shortcake Oreo. (2016-03-24)

    Nabisco to Launch S'mores Oreo Cookies
    Nabisco will launch S'mores Oreo Cookies on May 22nd. (2015-05-18)

    Nabisco Jumps on Red Velvet Trend With Red Velvet Oreos
    Nabisco is jumping on to the red velvet food trend with a new product, Red Velvet Oreos. (2015-01-20)

    Baskin-Robbins Launches Oreo Independence Ice Cream Flavor
    Baskin-Robbins has launched a new ice cream flavor called Oreo Independence. (2014-05-21)

    Orange Creme Oreo Cookies Launch in India
    There is an Oreo cookie with an orange filling available in India. This type of filling is apparently very popular in India. (2014-04-25)

    Nabisco Launches Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Cripsy Oreo Cookies
    Nabisco will launch two new Oreo cookie flavors on Feb. 3. They are cookie dough and marshmallow crispy. (2014-01-29)

    Cookies n' Creme Oreos Arrive on Store Shelves
    Cookies n' Creme Oreos have arrived on store shelves. They are Oreo cookies with a cookies and cream flavored filling in the middle. (2013-09-25)

    Danone Acquires YoCruch
    Danone has announced the acquisition of YoCrunch, a company that makes yogurt with crunchy toppings packaged separately. (2013-08-09)

    Godiva Offers Oreo Treats
    Godiva is offering Oreo treats, including chocolate covered Oreo cookies and Godiva Oreo shakes. (2013-07-19)

    Nabisco Launches Limited Edition Watermelon Oreos
    Nabisco has launched limited edition Watermelon Oreo cookies. They are being sold at Target. (2013-06-18)