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Here are the latest posts about Pac-Man on Shoppers Shop:

Tamagotchi Launches Pac-Man Version to Celebrate 40th Anniversary
Tamagotchi has launched a Pac-Man version of its toy to celebrate Pac-Man's 40th Anniversary. (2020-01-27)

Pac-Man Ghosts Lounge Pants
These fun looking lounge pants are black and covered with Pac-Man Ghosts: Inky, Blinky and Clyde. (2018-09-27)

  • Plush Pac-Man Toy Makes Arcade Game Sounds
    This cute, yellow Paladone Pac-Man 4-inch Plush Toy makes arcade game sounds. (2017-11-12)

  • Pac-Man Ghost Light is a Color Changing Mood Light
    The Pac-Man Ghost Light is a color changing mood light from Paladone. It is USB powered. (2016-08-08)

    OppoSuits Launches 3-Piece Pac-Man Suit
    OppoSuits has launched a 3-piece Pac-Man suit. The suit features the Pac-Man arcade maze. (2016-05-27)

    Havaianas Launches Pac-Man Sandals
    Havaianas has launched Pac-Man sandals. The sandals feature the classic game board with Pac-Man and the ghosts. (2013-05-26)

    Pac-Man Toys Tie-In With New Animated TV Series
    Namco Bandai has announced the launch of new Pac-Man toys this fall. (2013-04-04)

    Make Pac-Man Cookies With Pac-Man Cookie Cutters
    You can bring the arcade classic Pac-Man to life in cookie form with these colorful cookie cutters. (2011-06-28)

    Moleskin Celebrates Pac-Man 30th Anniversary With Pac-Man Notebook Line
    Moleskin is celebrating the 30th Pac-Man anniversary with a limited edition series featuring cover art and mini-stickers. (2010-10-05)

    Gamer Candy: Pac-Man Power Pellets and Ghost Sours
    These adorable Pac-Man tins contain Pac-Man power pellets, blue raspberry ghost sours and cherry ghost sours. (2009-10-03)

  • A Pac-Man Inspired Collection
    Pac-Man is now retro and hip enough to be a fashion inspiration. (2008-10-11)