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Here are the latest posts about Selfridges on Shoppers Shop:

  • Kate Moss' Daughter Lila Grace Stars in The Braid Bar Campaign
    Kate Moss' 14-year-old daughter Lila Grace stars in a new campaign for The Braid Bar at Selfridges in London (2017-05-22)

  • Selfridges London Opens Karl Lagerfeld Space and Pop-up Shop
    Selfridges London has launched a new space dedicated to Karl Lagerfeld. (2012-07-27)

    Selfridges Named Best Department Store in the World
    The Intercontinental Group of Department Stores (IGDS) announced at the Global Department Store Summit in Paris (GDSS) that Selfridges has been recognized as the Best Department Store in the World. (2012-05-14)

    Havaianas Launches Printed Rain Boots at Selfridges
    Havaianas, known for its colorful sandals, has launched a line of printed rain boots. (2011-04-22)

    King Kong's Hand Clutches Models in Selfridges' Chanel Window Display
    Selfridges has a new Chanel window display featuring the hand of King Kong, grasping two models who are dressed as Faye Wray. (2010-09-23)

    Christian Louboutin Boutique to Open in Selfridges Shoe Galleries
    Selfridges in London recently opened an enormous shoe department called the Shoe Galleries, which will have 55,000 shoes in stock at any one time. (2010-09-03)

    Selfridges Launches World's Largest Shoe Department
    Selfridges Shoe Galleries, created by architect Jamie Fobert, will have 55,000 shoes in stock at any one time and 4,000 shoes on display from over 150 brands. (2010-08-14)

    Selfridges and Harrods Open Christmas Displays in August
    The Telegraph reports that Christmas decorations have already gone on sale at Selfridges - many months before the holiday arrives. (2010-08-07)

    Baby G Parners With b Store for Watch Collection
    Casio Baby G watches has teamed up with b Store collection of watches and tees designed by Peter Jensen, Complex Geometries, Natascha Stolle and Sophie Hulme. (2010-04-17)

    Jean Charles de Castelbajac to Create Windows Display for Selfridges
    Vogue UK reports that Jean Charles de Castelbajac will be taking over the windows at Selfridges this Spring. (2010-04-14)

    Rimmel London Opened Pop-up Shop in Selfridges for London Fashion Week
    British cosmetics brand Rimmel London opened a pop-up shop in Selfridges flagship store on Oxford St for London Fashion Week. (2010-02-25)

    World's Most Expensive Chocolate Bar at Selfridges
    Metro reports that the world's most expensive chocolate bar is on sale at Selfridges. (2009-08-08)

    Tom Ford Thrills Fans at Selfridges
    The celebration of Selfridge's 100th anniversary continues with parties, exhibitions and celebrity appearances in London. (2009-06-12)

    British Retailer Selfridges Celebrates 100th Anniversary
    British retailer Selfridges is celebrating its 100th anniversary. (2009-04-28)