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Here are the latest posts about Subway on Shoppers Shop:

  • Subway Launches New Signature Wraps Collection
    Subway has added three new wraps to its Signature Wraps Collection. (2018-03-12)

  • Subway Adds Calories to Sandwich Shops Menu Boards
    Subway shops have added calorie counts to the menu boards in all its U.S. restaurants. (2016-04-14)

  • Superstorm Sandy Causes Flooding in New York City Subways
    Flooding has been reported in New York City's subways. (2012-10-30)

  • Consumer Reports Rates Fast Food Egg Sandwiches for Taste and Nutrition
    Consumer Reports has tested over 100 fast-food egg sandwiches from major fast food chains for both taste and nutrition. (2012-06-28)

  • Subway to Offer Avocado as Topping Option This Summer
    Nation's Restaurant News is reporting that Subway will be adding avocado as a topping option at its 22,000 locations. (2011-05-31)

    Subway Plans 2,000 New Restaurant Locations in North America in 2011
    Subway announced it plans to open 2,000 locations this year in NOrth America. (2011-05-20)

    Subway Fashion Show Featured Designs Made With Subway's Recycled Packaging Materials
    Subway launched a fashion show of its own this week. (2010-09-11)

  • Subway Malfunction Leaves 3 Year Old Stranded on Platform
    It's every parent's nightmare: being separated from their young child. (2009-11-20)

  • Seattle's Best Coffee to be Served at Subway Chains
    Seattle's Best, a coffee brand owned by Starbucks, will be sold at Subway. (2009-11-06)