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Cara Delevingne Named Tag Heuer Ambassador
Cara Delevingne has been named an ambassador for Tag Heuer. Tag Heuer cllas her the It Girl. (2015-02-16)

Cristiano Ronaldo Joins Tag Heuer as Global Ambassador
Cristiano Ronaldo has joined Tag Heuer as brand ambassador. The Real Madrid star was signed to a long-term partnership. (2014-05-08)

TAG Heuer Names Cameron Diaz as New Brand Ambassador
TAG Heuer has named Cameron Diaz as its newest brand ambassador. (2012-03-09)

Tag Heuer Opens Flagship Boutique in Aventura Mall in Miami
TAG Heuer has opened its second North American flagship boutique. (2012-01-18)

Tiger Woods Lands Rolex Deal
Tiger Woods lost a lot of endorsement deals after his string of tawdry affairs made major news in late 2009. (2011-10-11)

Tag Heuer Celebrates 150th Anniversary in Paris
Tag Heuer celebrated its 150th Anniversary in Paris at at the LVMH Headquarters. (2010-10-02)

Tesla Roadster in Front of Great Wall of China
The TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster sits in front of China's Great Wall, with a cameo by actor Chen Dao Ming, best known in the West for his role in Hero and the upcoming Aftershock. (2010-07-11)

TAG Heuer Celebrates 150th Anniversary
TAG Heuer celebrates its 150th anniversary at an invitation-only event. (2010-03-19)

TAG Heuer Eyewear Launches the Maria Sharapova Sunglass Collection
Tennis champ Maria Sharapova has partnered with Tag Heuer for a sunglasses line. (2010-03-10)

TAG Heuer to Limit Use of Tiger Wood's Image
Tiger Woods recent behavior has his sponsors in crisis mode determining whether to continue with the star athlete or drop him for another athlete. (2009-12-18)

AT&T, Tag Heuer Evaluating Relationship With Tiger Woods
Accenture has already left Tiger Woods because of his string of tawdry affairs. (2009-12-14)

Leonardo DiCaprio Models Tag Heuer's Aquaracer
Leonardo DiCaprio was named TAG Heuer's new brand ambassador earlier this year. (2009-04-04)

  • Leonardo DiCaprio is Tag Heuer's New Global Ambassador
    Leonardo DiCaprio is going to be the next global ambassador for Swiss watch maker Tag Heuer. (2009-01-09)