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Here are the latest posts about Tetris on Shoppers Shop:

Kanga Care Launches Tetris Diapers
Kanga Care has launched a line of Tetris baby products including diapers and blankets. Prices range from $16 to $40. (2019-06-29)

  • Jenga Tetris Special Edition Features Translucent Blocks
    Jenga Tetris Special Edition features translucent Tetris shaped blocks. (2017-05-31)

  • Tetris Leggings and Dresses From Poprageous
    Poprageous makes a line of Tetris themed leggings and dresses. The clothes feature falling Tetris blocks. (2015-05-24)

    Bake Tetromino Cookies With Tetris Cookie Cutters
    This set of Tetris cookie cutters costs $11.59. It includes 7 tetromino cookie cutter shapes from the game. (2014-01-22)

    Tetris Tabletop Game Will Debut at Toy Fair in New York City
    Techno Source and Blue Planet Software, Inc. (2011-02-08)

    Electronic Arts Launches Tetris iPad App
    Electronic Arts has launched a version of the classic arcade game Tetris for the iPad. (2010-04-07)

    Tetris Turns 25
    Tetris is one of the world's most popular arcade and video games. (2009-06-06)

    Tetris Shaped Soaps
    Etsy user Digitalsoaps has created these clever Tetris-shaped soap bars. (2009-06-05)

  • Tetrius Magnets Liven Up a Dull Space
    We're always up for some cool new refrigerator magnets and these new Tetrius magnets are just the thing to brighten up a dull refrigerator or any metal surface at your office. (2006-08-28)