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Here are the latest posts about Twitter on Shoppers Shop:

  • Twitter Users Poke Fun at Dove's Body Type Shaped Bottles
    Dove released a line of limited edition bottles that come in different body type shapes. (2017-05-09)

  • Robert Downey Jr. Joins Twitter
    Robert Downey Jr. has joined Twitter. He has quickly amassed one million followers. (2014-04-12)

  • How to Find Store Twitter Accounts
    Several tips about how to find store Twitter accounts now that the Twitter Store Directory has been removed. (2014-01-01)

  • Ariana Grande Tells Cosmopolitan Her Twitter Haters Are Evil
    Ariana Grande tells Cosmopolitan her Twitter haters are evil. Ariana covers the February issue of the magazine. (2013-12-30)

  • Starbucks Launches Tweet a Coffee
    Starbucks has launched Tweet a Coffee, which lets you tweet someone a $5 Starbucks Card eGift on Twitter. (2013-10-30)

  • Huggies Tweet Pee Notifies Parents When Baby Needs Changing
    Huggies Tweet Pee notifies parents when it is time for the baby to changed. (2013-05-19)

    Chelsea Clinton Shares Childhood Photo on Twitter
    Chelsea Clinton shared one of her favorite childhood photographs on Twitter. The cute photo shows Bill Clinton holding her when she was a little girl. (2013-04-26)

  • Twitter and American Express Partner to Sell Products on Twitter
    Twitter and American Express has announced a partnership to enable American Express cardholders to buy products on twitter using special #hashtags. (2013-02-12)

  • Megan Fox Joins Twitter But Doesn't Get It
    Megan Fox joined Twitter but her tweets indicate she doesn't really get the point of the microblogging service. (2013-01-03)

  • Twitter Trolls Target Former Model
    Charlotte Dawson, a model and TV personality, went to the hospital for psychiatric help after a battle with Twitter trolls. (2012-09-03)

  • Katy Perry Unfollows Russell Brand on Twitter
    Katy Perry has unfollowed Russell Brand on Twitter following their divorce last month. (2012-01-21)

  • Rupert Murdoch Joins Twitter and Discusses Politics and Films
    Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has joined Twitter. (2012-01-01)

  • Prime Minister Cameron Says Government May Shut Down Social Media During Riots
    British Prime Minister David Cameron addressed parliament today about the shocking riots in London and the millions of dollars of damages the rioters caused. (2011-08-11)

  • Rep. Anthony Weiner Says His Twitter Account Was Hacked
    Democractic Congressman Anthony Weiner continues to receive questions about a lewd photograph that was posted on his Twitter account. (2011-06-01)

  • Lady Gaga Closing in on 10 Million Twitter Followers
    Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) is closing in on ten million Twitter followers. (2011-05-14)

  • Twitter's Fifth Birthday Video
    Twitter has released a video celebrating its fifth birthday. (2011-03-21)

  • Charlie Sheen Joins Twitter
    Charlie Sheen has jointed Twitter following a series of bizarre interviews. (2011-03-01)

  • Video: Will.I.Am Talks Britney Collaboration, Twitter
    Black Eyed Peas star Will. (2011-02-09)

  • James Cameron Joins Twitter
    James Cameron has joined Twitter. (2011-01-28)