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Here are the latest posts about V-Tech on Shoppers Shop:

  • VTech Launches Wyatt the Whale Baby Soother
    VTech has launched a whale-shaped baby soother called Wyatt the Whale. It plays sounds, tells stoies and acts as a nightlight. (2017-06-10)

  • VTech Launches Baby Amaze Doll Line
    VTech has launched its new Baby Amaze doll line. The line includes a doll that can play peek-a-boo. (2015-08-01)

    VTech Introduces Chomp & Count Dino at 2014 Toy Fair
    VTech introduced the Chomp & Count Dino at the 2014 Toy Fair. (2014-02-17)

    VTech's Jagger the T-Rex Responds to Voice Commands
    VTech's Jagger the T-Rex responds to 20 voice commands. It is a new entry in the brand's Switch and Go Dinos line. (2013-08-29)

    Vtech Announces Switch & Go Dinos at Toy Fair
    Vtech has announced a new toy line, Switch & Go Dinos, which can switch from dinosaur to vehicle. (2012-02-10)

    Vtech Announces Peek at Me Bunny
    VTech has announced its Peek at Me Bunny. (2011-05-03)

    VTech to Launch V.Reader at Target on June 21st
    VTech will launch V. (2010-06-19)