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Here are the latest posts about Williams Sonoma on Shoppers Shop:

  • Giada De Laurentiis Launches Collection at Williams-Sonoma
    Chef Giada De Laurentiis has launched a collection of spices, sauces and cooking tools at Williams-Sonoma. (2017-07-29)

  • Four Fish Serving Platters That Resemble Fish
    This fish-shaped platter also resembles a fish. The white plate is part of the Aerin collection from Williams Sonoma. (2017-04-27)

  • Pumpkin Macarons, Mummy Brownies and Graveyard Cupcakes for Halloween
    Williams-Sonoma is carrying some interesting items for Halloween this year including Pumpkin Macarons and Graveyard Cupcakes. (2014-10-23)

    Halloween Skull Mugs From Williams-Sonoma
    Williams-Sonoma is selling Halloween Skull Mugs for Halloween this season. A set of four costs $39.95. (2013-10-13)

    Williams-Sonoma: Giant Candy Corn Cake
    Williams-Sonoma is carrying a giant Candy Corn Cake for Halloween this year. (2011-09-25)

    Williams-Sonoma Plans to Launch First UK Store Early Next Year
    The Independent reports that Williams-Sonoma is planning to launch its first UK store within the next year. (2011-07-29)

    Williams-Sonoma Launches Cars 2 Cakelet Pan and Cookie Cutters
    Williams-Sonoma has launched a Cars 2 cakelet pan and cookie cutters to tie-in with the upcoming Disney-Pixar movie. (2011-05-15)

    Williams-Sonoma Adds Double Mezzaluna Tool for Chopping Herbs
    Williams-Sonoma has added a Double Mezzaluna to its product line. (2011-03-27)

    Williams-Sonoma Offers Free Standard Shipping for a Year for $30
    Williams-Sonoma has launched a membership shipping progam based on the same idea as Amazon Prime. (2010-11-03)

    Make Custom Frozen Popsicles With the Zoku Quick Pop Maker
    Williams-Sonoma is selling the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, which lets you create customized frozen pops, including cream-filled pops. (2010-07-05)

    Williams-Sonoma Has Star Wars Pancake Molds
    Williams-Sonoma is selling Star Wars Pancake Molds. (2010-05-30)

  • Williams-Sonoma Plans to Continue Closing Select Stores
    Williams-Sonoma plans to continue to close stores, particularly in markets where it has more than one store. (2010-03-12)

  • Williams-Sonoma's Enchanted Filled Easter Egg
    Williams-Sonoma's handcrafted German papier-mache egg was inspired by an early-20th-century postcard. (2010-03-12)

    Heart-Shaped Whoopie Pies at Williams-Sonoma
    Williams-Sonoma is selling heart shaped whoopie pies for Valentine's Day. (2010-02-07)

    Fall Forest Leaf Shaped Piecrust Cutters
    These leaf-shaped piecrust cutters from Williams-Sonoma allow you to create leaf shaped designs for your fall desserts or an entire leaf-shaped crust for your pie. (2009-11-22)

    Williams-Sonoma Is Selling Organic Turkeys from Willie Bird Ranch
    Williams-Sonoma is selling organic free-range turkeys from the Willie Bird ranch in Sonoma County, California. (2009-11-18)

    Remote Controlled Pumpkin Lights From Williams Sonoma
    Williams Sonoma is selling a safer alternative to placing a lit candle inside a jack o' lantern. (2009-10-16)

  • Williams-Sonoma Lowering Prices to Fight Recession
    It has been a tough year for Williams-Sonoma. (2009-06-04)

  • Williams-Sonoma to Cut Jobs, Close Distribution Center
    Williams-Sonoma, a retailer of home furnishings and gourmet cookware, has become the latest retailer making cutbacks because of the recession. (2009-01-21)