Britney Spears Releases Unretouched Candie's Photos

Posted on April 14, 2010

Britney Spears Candies Untouched, swimsuit front view

Britney Spears allowed unretouched photographs of her Candie's photoshoot to be released along with the retouched photos. Britney Spears looks significantly slimmer in the retouched photographs. Skin blemishes and bruises have also been removed.

Britney Spears Candies Untouched, photos of backside of Britney in pink swimsuit

Britney looks great in the unretouched photos. She looks too thin in the retouched images. The singer apparently did not want the photographs to be retouched. Britney's Twitter account, @britneyspears, so far just says that Britney is "super excited" about the Candie's photoshoot. The Mirror says a source tells them, "Britney is proud of her body - imperfections and all."

Photos: Candie's