Build-A-Bear's New Batman and Superman Products Include a Batmobile

Posted on March 5, 2016

Batman and Superman bears at Build-A-Bear

Build-A-Bear has unveiled a new collection of Batman and Superman products as the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice draws closer. The film arrives in theaters on March 25, 2016. The products include a Batmobile that the plush bears can ride in.

The Superman bear is named Powerful Superman bear. He has the Superman "S" logos all over him. The Batman bear is named Justice Batman bear. The black plush Batman car has Batman's mask on the front and Batman logos on the wheels.

Batmobile at Build-A-Bear

Other products include Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman costumes that you can put on your plush bears. There is also a Batman sleeping bag and Batman slippers that fit the plush bears. The Batmobile costs $30, the costumes cost $16 and the superhero bears cost $48.50 each.

Batman slippers at Build-A-Bear

You can find the products by searching Batman or Superman on

Photos: Build-A-Bear