Calvin Klein Launches New Men's Underwear Collection

Posted on April 9, 2009

Photo of Calvin Klein underwear

Calvin Klein is launching two new men's underwear collections: Black and White. Just to make it more confusing, the White collection features both black and white undergarments, where as the Black collection features only black undergarments.
Calvin Klein is maintaining its pace of annual underwear launches. The company has just revealed two new branded programs for men for fall: Black and White. Black consists of classic cuts in ultralight microfiber. True to its name, it only comes in black. White, however, comes in both white and black. It is made from stretch cotton. Prices range from $32 to $42 for bottoms and $42 to $52 for undershirts.
In other breaking men's underwear news, men are buying Calvin Klein's Body line in droves. The line helps to improve one's "profile" so that from the side one looks more like Hugh Jackman than Alfred Hitchcock. The company is on the hunt for a new model for the Body line.