Celebrities Wear Scannable Buy Life T-Shirts for Keep a Child Alive

Posted on October 1, 2010

BuyLife Tshirt Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys, Katie Holmes, Ryan Seacrest, Kim Kardashian, Usher, are wearing Buy Life American Apparel t-shirts. The t-shirts turn the wearer into a walking charity box. The shirt can be scanned using a Stickybits or Wimo app and will allow people to give to Keep a Child Alive. The following text is written on the back of the shirts: "This Shirt Fights AIDS - Scan the barcode or Text 'BUYLIFE' to 90999 to Join the Fight."

The t-shirts cost $35.

BuyLife Tshirt Katie Holmes

BuyLife Tshirt Kim Kardashian

BuyLife Tshirt Usher

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