Charlize Theron Talks Snow White on Today Show

Posted on May 30, 2012

Charlize Theron on Today Show for Snow White and the Huntsman

Charlize Theron stopped by the Today show to talk about Snow White and the Huntsman, which opens in theaters this weekend. Charlize plays the Evil Queen in the film, which looks like it will be very entertaining. Charlize describes the movie as "kick ass." She says it is much darker than the other Snow White films, but not as dark as the original Brothers Grimm version. Charlize says she embraced some method acting techniques for the role. She says would continue to yell even when they were not shooting.

Charlize also revealed that her son Jackson has helped her become very good at changing diapers and she loves doing it. She says, "I've got to tell you, I'm available for other babies' diapers to be changed ... I can do it in my sleep now. I'm so good."

Take a look:

Photo: Peter Kramer/NBC