Charlotte Olympia Launches Barbie Collection and Barbie Doll

Posted on September 22, 2016

Charlotte Olympia Barbie Girl Platform Sandals

Charlotte Olympia and Barbie have launched the Charlotte Olympia Barbie collection featuring shoes and clutches. There is also a new Barbie doll, The Charlotte Olympia Barbie Doll.

The shoes include include platforms and flats. The flats are are called Pretty and Pink Kitty. The platform shoes include the Pomeline and Barbie Girl. The Barbie Girl platform sandals (pictured above) feature pearl studs and soft feather boa detail. They have a Barbie face in the front. The Pretty in Pink Kitty shoes are pictured below.

Charlotte Olympia Barbie Pretty in Pink Kitty shoes

There are two clutches in the collection. They are the Barbie World clutch and the Barbie Vanina clutch. The Banina clutch is made in Barbie pink and features a prominent Barbie logo. It also has an engraved interior mirror. You can find the fashion collection here.

Charlotte Olympia Barbie Vanina Clutch

Charlotte Olympia Dellal, founder and Creative Director of Charlotte Olympia, says in a statement, "This was a childhood dream come true to collaborate with Barbie! It was a fantastic opportunity to be able to design and create a Charlotte Olympia aesthetic for one of the most iconic figures in the world."

The Barbie Doll was inspired by old Hollywood glamour and the brand's feminine design aesthetic. Barbie wears a two-piece leopard-print outfit accented with signature red platform pumps and the classic red Bogart leather handbag with matching red gloves. The doll costs $125 and can be found here on The Barbie Collection.

Charlotte Olympia Barbie Doll

Photos: Barbie/Charlotte Olympia