Chobani Recalls Small Quantity of Greek Yogurt Products After Mold Discovery at Idaho Plant

Posted on September 6, 2013

Chobani has recalled some Greek yogurt products from a plant in Idaho after mold was discovered. Chobani says in a statement that "a small quantity had been affected by a type of mold commonly found in the dairy environment." Chobani also says, "While this type of mold is unlikely to have ill health effects, due to some claims of illness the company has decided to go from voluntarily withdrawing to voluntarily recalling the limited amount of potentially affected product."

Chobani says the vast majority of the recalled product (over 95%) has already been withdrawn. Dr. Richard Besser for ABC News says the mold was found after some customers complained about a bad taste. Dr. Besser says to trust your senses when it comes to food. If it smells bad throw it out. If the container is bulging you should definitely throw it out. Take a look: