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Action Comic Featuring the Debut of Superman Sells for $175,000
A torn copy of Action Comic No. 1 featuring the first appearance of Superman sells for $175,000. (2013-06-14)

National Free Comic Book Day is Saturday May 4th
National Free Comic Day is Saturday May 4th. Some of the free comics this year include Star Wars, Superman, Spongebob and The Walking Dead. (2013-04-25)

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 5th
May 5th is Free Comic Book Day. (2012-04-26)

Saturday, May 7 is National Free Comic Book Day
On May 7th, over two thousand comic book shops across North America and around the world will participate in Free Comic Book Day. (2011-04-29)

National Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 1st
May 1st is National Free Comic Book Day. (2010-04-23)

Kristen Stewart Comic Book Comes Out in June
Actress Kristen Stewart is the newest star of Bluewater Productions' Fame series of biography comics coming in June. (2010-03-17)

Jellio's Comic Book Style Tables and Pillows
Jellio makes a couple fun products that could liven up any comic book fan's room. (2010-03-12)

Whedon's Dr. Horrible Prequel Coming in Comic Book Form
MTV's Splash Page reports that a prequel to the popular web series, Dr. (2009-11-08)

Stephenie Meyer is a Comic Book Heroine
Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is now a comic book heroine. (2009-10-11)

  • Stephen Colbert Meets Spider-man
    Stephen Colbert will join forces with Spider-man to save the world. (2008-09-30)

  • The Manga Boom: Young Girls into Japanese Manga Comics
    Sales of manga comics are exploding in the United States and surprisingly the largest demographic reading the Japanese comics are teen and tween girls. (2004-05-17)

  • Graphic Novels are Rising in Popularity
    Graphic novels are rising in popularity as they celebrate their 25th birthday. (2003-11-14)