Company Invents Bra Dryer For Drying Expensive Bras

Posted on February 27, 2009

Bra Dryer

The Bra Dryer is a device shaped like a female torso. The design is based on the presumption that "the best way to dry bras without ruining their fabric, wiring and padding is to dry them on a shape which resembles female breasts." The Bra Dryer uses an infrared heat source and fans to evaporate and remove moisture from bras. The goal of the bra-drying gadget is to dry bras faster while preserving their shape. The device comes with detachable breast pieces made of silicon rubber made for bra sizes from B to DD.

Wired says the device is "quite absurd" and "doomed to fail" but the company believes women who pay $500 or more for designer bras will want a specialty bra dryer. They also think they can sell it to lingerie boutiques. The Bra Dryer is just a prototype right now but it could be out in the future if the company is able to find investors and get the product made.