CPSC Recalls 1.5 Million Delta Drop Side Cribs

Posted on October 22, 2008

The Washington Post reports that the recent recall of Delta cribs has the Consumer Product Safety Commission planning to issue new regulations dealing with crib hardware problems.
After two infant deaths triggered the recall of 1.6 million cribs Monday, federal safety regulators are moving to address a longstanding gap in crib safety regulations: durability standards.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission plans to issue new regulations that deal with the hardware problems that have been at the center of five recent crib recalls and contributed to the deaths of at least two other children.
Details of the Delta crib recall can be found here. The CSPC also has a crib information center that provides safety tips for all cribs. Here's an AP video that talks about the recalled cribs. It explains how with these cribs the drop-side can disengage and a hazardous gap can be created where a baby can become entrapped and possibly suffocate.