Cra-Z-Art and Kodak to Develop and Sell Puzzles With 50,000 Pieces

Posted on February 22, 2018

Kodak and Cra-Z-Art

Cra-Z-Art and the Eastman Kodak Company have partnered to develop the world's largest puzzle for sale. The puzzle will include fifty thousand pieces and will feature photographs from around the world. Cra-Z-Art says it will measure about five feet by thirty feet in size.

Cra-Z-Art and Kodak already make puzzles featuring photography imagery containing 100 to 2000 pieces. The partnership began after Cra-Z-Art acquired the Lafayette Puzzle Factory and entered the puzzle business in 2016. Now, the companies will build a much larger photo puzzle.

Cra-Z-art Chairman Lawrence Rosen says in the announcement, "Cra-Z-Art is thrilled to be partnering with Kodak to produce The World's Largest Puzzle. It will have the same rich, sharp imagery that is representative of the iconic brand but in a fun, challenging, supersize format. Consumers will be excited, knowing that they have a one of a kind, record breaking puzzle to put together or just keep as a collector's item."

Image: Kodak, Cra-Z-Art