Crayola Imaginables Turns Children's Art Into Plush Toys

Posted on May 20, 2016

Crayola Imaginables

Crayola has launched a fun new service that turns your children's drawings into plush toys. It is called Crayola Imaginables. Crayola says it works with early doodles made by very young children as well as intermediate sketches and advanced illustrations created by older kids.

To use the service you need to submit a photo of the artwork. This cone be done by using your cell phone to take a picture. You can also use a digital camera or scanner and scan in the image to your PC. You need to upload the image when you place the order. You can also send the image separately via an email or text message. You all provide a description of the toy to help Crayola's designers. Crayola's designers will then turn the image into a plush toy.

Crayola says its designers use over 30 Crayola colors in the plush toys. The toy shell is polyester, hypoallergenic super soft plush and the filling is hypoallergenic polyester. The plush toys are about 16 inches but they can be supersized to 30 inches for an extra $29. The turn around time is estimated to be about 4 weeks. The basic order price is $89. You can the service at:

Photo: Crayola