Critics Not Happy With the First Portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge

Posted on January 11, 2013

The first official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge was revealed to Catherine and Prince William today at the National Portrait Gallery in London. The painting was done by artist Paul Emsley, who won the 2007 BP Portrait Award competition. Catherine sat twice for the portrait, but he mostly worked from the photographs they took in his studio. He said he changed the color of her eyes and her blouse slightly to work better with the colors in the painting. Catherine and William said it was brilliant and told the artist how much they love the painting, but they are pretty much the only ones who think so.

Critics say the painting is dark and dull and makes the duchess look about twenty years older than she is, with grey roots at the part and lots of wrinkles she doesn't have in real life. Her expression is odd -- she's pursing her lips in what the artist says is a smile. Here is the AP's report on the unveiling:

In this video the artist takes us through his process of creating the painting. He explains how he and the duchess worked together and why he made the decisions he did. The painting looks better in this video than in the AP video, probably because there is more light in his studio. Take a look: