Cute Elephant Tape Dispensers

Posted on October 17, 2010

Elephant Tape Dispenser

Elephants provide a great animal design for tape dispensers because their trunk can help hold the sticky tape. The tip of the trunk of the elephant is typically the front of the tape dispenser.

The cute elephant tape dispensers pictured above come in five different colors. The elephants are sold here at Nichiban, a Japanese store, and cost 294 dollars, about $4 U.S.

Silver and Blue Elephant Tape Dispenser

The tape dispenser above is from Bits and Pieces. It has a translucent blue dispenser attached to a brushed, silver-toned base. It can be found on

Grasslands Elephant Tape Dispenser

The next elephant tape dispenser is the Grasslands Road Elephant Tape Dispenser. It costs is sold at

Elephant Tape Dispenser

Finally, there is the Elephant Tape Dispenser from Cutetape. It can hold up to 2 rolls of 15mm wide tape. You can find it on for $18.50.

Updated 6-13-16:

Photos: Nichiban/Amazon/Cutetape

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