Cute Holiday Gifts Under $100: The Saints and Sinners Pajama Combo Gift Set

Posted on December 8, 2005

So you want to give her some pajamas for Christmas or Hannukah. So far, so good. But first you must ascertain: is she a satin or a flannel kind of girl? If she's more of a satin gal, we like these satin pajamas from Victoria's Secret. They have velvet-trim cuffs, a button-front top with notch collar, and an elastic waist bottom. They're polyester satin, so you just throw them in the wash. After lugging our real silk pajamas to the drycleaners umpteen times, we decided that a couple of pairs of faux satin would come in handy, as well, and they have. They're on sale at Victoria's Secret for only $39.

But what if she really would rather be wrapped in a super-comfy, yet ghastly-looking voluminous flannel nightgown? Well, then it's off to L.L. Bean for this Tartan Flannel Nightgown which also retails for $39. Clearly, it's some kind of sign: you could give both as sort of a Sinner and Saint Pajama Combo Set.

But back to the nightgown of all men's nightmares. It's made of double-brushed cotton flannel which will get softer with every washing. When you're sick, there's nothing better. And if you tell anyone that we own any flannel whatsoever, you'll be sorry.
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