Cyberthieves Ready for Final Shipping Days

Posted on December 15, 2005

This coming Tuesday is the end of regular shipping for most retailers. Many gifts will be purchased this Monday and Tuesday by consumers hoping to get gifts delivered on time without paying extra for shipping. Unfortunately, the cyberthieves are aware of the encroaching deadline. USA Today reports that a rise in cybercrime is expect along with the rise in online shipping.
E-tailers have circled Tuesday on their calendars � and so have cyberthieves.

That's because it's the last day for many consumers to order a gift online and have it delivered before Christmas without paying extra for shipping. It's also the day hackers and fraudsters attack with a vengeance.

"If the Monday after Thanksgiving is the day to shop online, the Tuesday in mid-December is the time to steal," says Ken Leonard, CEO of ScanAlert, a security-software firm that tracks data from nearly 70,000 e-commerce sites.

Leonard predicts a 50% spike Tuesday in fraudsters using stolen credit-card numbers to buy online, and from hackers trying to gain illegal access to customer and employee data on websites.
The article said the opportunistic web thieves pick these days because the merchants' systems are already burdened by web traffic and heavy transactions. But web retailers do know to expect attacks during the holidays so maybe they will be able to thwart the majority of them.