Darth Vader Toaster Coming in July 2014

Posted on April 6, 2014

Darth Vader Toaster

A Darth Vader toaster is set to be released in July. The toaster burns an image of the Dark Lord on your toast. The toaster itself is shaped like Darth Vader's black helmet. It has two slots for bread. The toaster is created by License 2 Play. Some online toy retailers are already starting to list the toaster. The Big Bad Toy Store has it listed here for a $44.95 preorder.

This actually is not even the first Darth Vader toaster to be made, but it is the best looking one. The previous model is not Darth Vader shaped and if you are going to have a Darth Vader toaster it really must be shaped like Vader's helmet.

Photo: License 2 Play